Latin duo amazes social media with 'beautiful' salsa move

A Latin brother-and-sister duo has turned heads with a stunning routine they recently shared on Instagram.

On March 23, Junior and Emily Alabi, of San Francisco, shared a short video in which Junior twirls his sister almost endlessly to salsa in their kitchen. At one point, Junior lifts one leg over his sister while twirling her until she is upright.

“No space, no problem…⁣” they wrote in the caption. “Practicing our power spins in the kitchen.”

The pair’s jaw-dropping moves have since received nearly 80,000 views and a flood of comments.

“I need one of you to be my quarantine partner!!!” one person wrote. “Like asap.”

“Making it look easy n effortless,” another commented. “Just beautiful.”

The duo previously competed on season 12 of “America’s Got Talent,” where they were eliminated in the quarterfinals.

According to talent agency bloc, the two are eight-time national and international salsa dance champions and have toured around the U.S., Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and Australia.

The power spin is perhaps one of the more difficult salsa moves.

As Florida-based Latin dance school Salsabor Tropical notes, there are several tricks to executing the spin properly. First, the person needs to mentally prepare herself (or himself) for the spin. She also needs to have a good posture, bend her knees and stay on the balls of her feet. Upon spinning, the dancer should drag her feet to maintain balance while holding her arm firmly in her partner’s grasp.

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