Dr. Pimple Popper shares 3-ingredient, at-home face scrub that will 'give you a little zen'

Dr. Pimple Popper, aka Sandra Lee, has been sharing plenty of her at-home skincare tips amid quarantine, as being stuck at home makes our wellness routines more and more difficult to manage.

She already taught us a nighttime skincare regimen and told us a surprising trick for treating eczema, but now she’s back with another tip.

This time, Dr. Lee is focused on her face. The dermatologist and TV star gave In The Know a formula for making an easy, three-ingredient face scrub. And the most important part: It can all be done with simple, everyday items.

“I just dug through my pantry today to try to find stuff that we could make a mask,” Dr. Lee revealed.

Ingredient one? Fresh lemon juice. Dr. Lee used a fruit from her own tree, but any store-bought one will do. She added half of one lemon’s juice to some honey before topping it off with a little bit of baking powder and stirred the ingredients until a paste formed.

Dr. Sandra Lee
Dr. Sandra Lee

And there it is: A face scrub put together in seconds with ingredients that even the least kitchen-savvy of us could probably pull from our pantries. Here’s why the whole thing works, according to Dr. Lee:

“The lemon is a citric acid,” she explained. “It’s like an exfoliant, like a chemical-peel acid almost. So that’s going to help to lighten up brown spots.”

“Honey is like a little mild antibacterial, so it’s going to help keep that bacteria away,” she added. “The baking soda is gritty a little. So you get a little nice scrub, a nice gentle scrub.”

Dr. Lee emphasized that the scrub is good for the face and hands, which is helpful amid any sort of hand-washing related dryness you may be experiencing.

“It’s nice — it makes your skin feel really good afterward,” she said. “And it’s just a really nice, kind of at-home little spa treatments to give you a little zen.”

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