Dad turns home into a Hibachi-inspired restaurant for son’s birthday

Atlanta pastor Jeremy Tuck treated his family of seven to a Hibachi-inspired dinner. In celebration of his youngest son’s birthday, he transformed his dining table into a mini Hibachi station. The family was unable to go out for dinner because of the novel coronavirus outbreak but shared footage of the birthday party on Instagram.

“When your family wants Hibachi but you can’t go out! So we made our own! My wife was on camera duty and I’m the Hibachi master,” Tuck wrote in the video caption.

Hibachi is a kind of small, portable Japanese barbecue grill typically made of cast iron. At Hibachi restaurants, diners can watch chefs cook and prepare the food as they wait for it. In the video, Tuck sets up his own version, using a griddle, on the family’s dining table.

The father plopped a paper bag on his head to emulate the uniform of a Hibachi chef. His five sons gathered around the table with plates as Tuck cooked fried rice, shrimp and fish with traditional flavorings like garlic, sesame, teriyaki and soy sauces. Tuck wanted to ensure that even during a pandemic, the family could continue its birthday tradition.

“The idea came about [because] my sons love hibachi and we try to take them every time one of them has a birthday, but of course this time was different,” Tuck told Because of Them We Can.

Tuck’s video and photos of the family celebration won his impromptu restaurant a few glowing reviews on Instagram.

“I swear this made me cry a little. God bless you guys and happy belated birthday to your son! If the world had more fathers like this man I guarantee there would be more love than hate in this world,” one user wrote.

Many users complimented the father’s creativity.

“Way to keep it real and be creative,” another wrote.

“So creative! Pretty amazing! Your family is lucky to have such a creative father,” another person wrote.

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