Bride-to-be crushed after finding receipt: 'I don't know how to approach him'

A woman looking for answers wrote to a BuzzFeed writer asking for advice following her recent engagement.

The anonymous bride-to-be DMed writer Stephen LaConte saying:

"My boyfriend proposed to me with the same ring he gave his ex-fiancé. The ring was dirty and had obvious signs of normal wear and tear. (Plus I found the receipt dated a year before we started dating.) I understand he spent a lot of money on the ring and doesn't want it to go [to] waste. Luckily, the ring doesn't fit and would have to be sized. Instead of having it sized, I thought about taking the ring and having it redesigned to make a custom ring for me. I've accepted his proposal and I haven't mentioned any of this to him. I don't know how to approach him with my intentions."

Most of the comments were furious at the husband for being cheap and not being honest with his new fiancée.

"He didn’t even make an effort to have the ring cleaned before giving it to her, a lot of jewelers don’t even charge for the service so he could have brought it back to the jeweler he bought it from. I think that’s the point of no return. Regardless of his financial situation that just shows he put little to no effort into it," one commenter wrote.

"My ex proposed to his fiancé with the ring I returned to him. It was only when I met her (for the first time) and she proudly showed off her ring that I realized it was my old ring," another replied. "I told him if he didn’t tell her I would. Next time I saw them she had a brand new ring with an even bigger diamond so at least she got something better that he had to pay for!"

One was summarized their thoughts succinctly: "Girl, throw the whole a** man away."

LaConte felt the same, writing that boyfriend's attempt to pass it off as a new ring was "a major red flag."

"If a couple decides to save a little money by using an old ring they've got lying around, more power to them!" LaConte continued. "But that only works if it's a decision the couple makes together."

Ultimately, LaConte advised the woman to ask her fiancé some tough questions, and then to ask herself a few as well: Is he being honest? Does she trust him?

LaConte emphasized that if she does decide to stick with him, it's important that she gets a ring she's comfortable with.

The debacle is somewhat similar to a recent Reddit post, where another bride-to-be discovered her boyfriend had proposed to her with a ring that he insisted was from Tiffany's — but was actually a $6 Amazon purchase.

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