Tiny hamster enjoys lavish Christmas Eve dinner


Mametsumaru is a social media account devoted to the exciting lives of one Japanese owner’s hamsters.

On Christmas Eve of 2019, the account took to YouTube to share a video of a baby hamster named Komaru enjoying a fancy holiday dinner.

“Merry Christmas! I prepared some presents for my family — a hamster, Komaru,” the video’s description reads. “And a special Christmas dinner with him.”

In the video, a person sits at a table with a meal. Next to the person’s spot is a tinier table with a small, decorative Christmas wreath hanging from it, along with a mini table mat, a plate of food, a miniature bottle of rosé and a wine glass. Komaru can be seen sitting upright on a small chair in front of the small table. Although the hamster has a small knife and fork, it insists on eating with its hands.

While the clip is just under four minutes, it certainly left an impression on viewers, many of whom shared positive comments.

“It’s very sweet of you to share a moment with that hammie,” one user wrote.

“So cute. Christmas dinner with a dear little friend,” another person commented.

On Instagram, where a shorter version of the video was shared, some users encouraged friends to replicate the idea with their furry critters.

“A project for your hamster during lockdown,” one person said, tagging a friend.

Komaru’s owner, however, warned others about replicating the idea at home.

“Small parts can be a hazard, it is not recommended that you use miniature tableware to feed your hamster,” the owner pointed out on their YouTube channel. “Never leave unattended.”

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