This device will finally get rid of motion sickness on boats

The Seakeeper is a “ball” that helps eliminate motion sickness from any boat ride. It’s a specially designed gyroscope (or gyro) that reduces boat roll. For those who don’t go sailing too often, boat roll is the rolling motion caused by waves that can make some people feel queasy. The Seakeeper is designed for commercial ships and personal ships as small as 23-feet long.

The gyro works by using a spinning flywheel (that spins up to 557 miles per hour) inside a vacuum encapsulation. The vacuum sealing means the internal mechanisms are isolated from the marine environment which can cause damage to the equipment. It also reduces the amount of energy required to function.

Each time the boat rolls, the gyro tilts forward and backward. This process creates a powerful gyroscopic torque to port and starboard, which offsets the unwanted motion. The technical process is much easier to understand by watching it in action.

In the clip above, you’ll see a side-by-side comparison of a boat with the Seakeeper on and one with it off. As the boat equipped with the Seakeeper hits more chaotic waters, the flywheel is user-activated via a phone app. Once activated, it stabilizes the boat from rolling. The boat without the gyro is left to roll turbulently.

When Gigadgets shared a demo on its Instagram page, it received over 425,000 views. Many wanted a chance to use the Seakeeper.

“Gotta get one of these bad boys,” one Instagram user wrote.

“If the boat ain’t got this I ain’t going on it,” another person wrote.

One customer who already made the investment, (the product ranges from $14,900 to $225,000 depending on boat size) shared a pretty glowing review.

“I have one on my boat absolutely LOVE IT! Wouldn’t buy another boat without one,” a customer wrote in a review on Facebook.

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