Mom and son sink incredible ping pong ball trick shot

A mother and son who seemingly ran out of conventional entertainment in quarantine went viral with their inventive way to kill time.

Scott Ryan, who has amassed over 780,000 followers on TikTok through his impressive trick shot videos, shared a video of himself and his mom bouncing a ping pong ball off a series of angled pots and pans set out in their living room.

The end goal was to bounce the ball into a red solo cup set up in front of the pots and pans — which, naturally, was easier said than done.

After multiple agonizing, narrowly missed shots, Scott’s mother finally sinks the ball, and the pair jump up in a gratifying celebration.

The satisfying clip has since racked up over 4 million views and over 628,000 likes and has even sparked a club remix by fellow TikToker mindfullbeats.

In another recent TikTok, Ryan and a friend can be seen making multiple attempts to sink two stacked markers inside the narrow mouth of a glass bottle.

After much anguish and multiple failed attempts, his friend finally sinks the near-impossible shot first, and Ryan is forced to jump in a backyard pool as a penalty for losing the game.

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