Woman shares ‘terrifying’ attempt at celebrity-inspired cake: ‘I truly tried my best’


Laura Daniel just wanted to show some respect for her country’s leader.

The comedian, who lives in New Zealand, attempted to make a cake modeled after the nation’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern.

But Daniel’s finished product, which is now going viral on Instagram, didn’t turn out exactly as planned.

“They say don’t bake your Heroes,” Daniel wrote in her post sharing the cake. “But I wanted to try anyway. I’m deeply sorry @jacindaardern I truly tried my best with what I had available.”

The creation, with googly eyes, stringy hair and hyper-realistic teeth, left many social media users baffled. Hundreds weighed in on the mishap in Daniel’s comments, calling the cake everything from “terrifying” to “brilliant.”

“That will visit my dreams,” one commenter joked.

“Oh my god, what are the teeth?” another asked.

“This cake is something else … by far the most interesting post I’ve seen today,” another added.

Daniel, who completely owned up to her failure, baked the cake as part of a competition with Hilary Barry, who hosts the daily New Zealand TV show “Seven Sharp.” According to Mashable, the duo were given two hours to model a cake — using no flour — after a “Kiwi icon.”

Barry chose the country’s famous peak, Mount Cook, which Daniel called “stunning.” She shared both cakes in her Instagram post, seemingly admitting defeat.

Still, some Instagram users said otherwise — whether they were being sarcastic or not.

“You definitely won the challenge I reckon,” one wrote.

“Obviously you are the clear winner,” another added.

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