Woman caught off guard after getting dumped on Zoom: 'As humiliating as you would expect'

A Los Angeles writer recently shared a heartbreaking story in which she was dumped over the video conference app Zoom.

In an article for BuzzFeed on April 13, 26-year-old Julia Moser described how the man she had been dating — whom she called “Josh” — unexpectedly ended things with her over a video call. The two had started dating before the global health crisis took place.

“I went on three perfect dates with him before the coronavirus outbreak shuttered our plans,” she recalled. “Three of my top five best kisses of all time occurred on each of those dates.”

Moser, in fact, seemingly caught feelings for someone she didn’t even consider her “boyfriend” during the short time the two had spent together in person.

“He was the first guy in a very long time that I felt excited about,” she wrote. “We had great chemistry, incredible banter, and a whole long bit about Stanley Tucci that obviously made me fantasize about the actor one day officiating our eventual marriage.”

The health crisis, however, put Moser’s “wedding plans” on hold. Though she and Josh had had plans to still meet, there were concerns about contracting the coronavirus. So, instead, Moser and Josh had virtual dates — they FaceTimed and connected on Zoom over the following two months.

“Despite not being allowed to put my face on his face, it felt lovely to have a confidant during this uncertain time, even if our relationship was also in this on-hold, limbo state where I didn’t even know when I’d see him again,” Moser wrote. “To have someone I was getting to know, who was outside of my life, and who I connected strongly with felt like the only good and consistent thing happening for me.”

Yet, things took a turn for the worse when Josh texted Moser one day and asked if she was free to talk on Zoom. Perhaps more embarrassing was that the internet connection was flimsy when he finally broke the news to her that he wanted to end things.

“It was very surreal — I couldn’t help but think of the episode of ’30 Rock’ where Liz Lemon and Floyd end their long-distance relationship the same way,” Moser wrote.

Overall, “the breakup was about as humiliating as you would expect,” she wrote.

Though Moser said she had only been in one serious relationship before, she admitted that she took comfort in the fact that Josh was honest about his reason for ending their “relationship” (he had apparently just gotten out of a seven-year relationship).

“He was honest and forthright, it was an incredibly decent thing for him to do, and I am miserable,” she wrote. “There is no easy way around it.”

Upon its publication, Moser’s story drew mixed reactions from readers, with some accusing her of being self-indulgent.

“If Josh wasn’t really your bf, then why write this incredibly self-absorbed piece you supposedly got paid to write?” one person commented. “No wonder BuzzFeedNews is going down the tubes.”

“I’m trying to understand what kind of reaction the author was looking for here, other than ‘she’s drama queen’ and loving cheese is not a lifestyle,” another wrote. “Wtf.”

Still, at least one reader sympathized with Moser.

“I [don’t know why] ppl are being so mean in the comments,” she wrote. “Breakups suck. She can write about whatever she wants.”

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