This ‘Gossip Girl’ meme is taking the internet by storm: 'Funniest thing I've seen this week'

The final episode of the original “Gossip Girl” series might’ve aired in 2012, but the memes are only just beginning.

According to Know Your Meme, it all started on April 11, when a Twitter user who goes by @baro_tokiyo decided to play around with a two-paneled image from the show.

In the top half of the image, @baro_tokiyo photoshopped Serena Van der Woodsen to say “I have to pee.” The bottom half of the image is a smirking Blair Waldorf along with an edited version of the “Gossip Girl” logo that reads “Go piss girl.”

Though baro_tokiyo didn’t mean to create a movement, create a movement she did. Not only has her photo received more than 485,000 retweets, but it’s also created an influx of “Gossip Girl” memes online.

People seriously cannot get enough of these “Gossip Girl” memes.

“Why is this gossip girl meme the funniest thing i’ve seen this week,” one person commented.

“I think about these gossip girl memes 15 times a day at least,” another user wrote.

If you also think this meme format is the greatest thing to happen to the internet since Grumpy Cat, below are some of the best “Gossip Girl” memes thus far. Xoxo!

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