Got a stiff neck? Let this neck hammock ease your pain


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Not everyone is working from their desk or kitchen table while at home. And though typing away in a bean bag chair or on your couch may seem fine for a while, you can put more stress on your neck than you realize when you’re slouching. Thankfully, out of all the massaging tools out there, a neck hammock may just be the thing to relive that stress on your upper body — and in 10 minutes or less, no less.

If you didn’t know such a thing existed, the Portable Neck Hammock from Sharper Image, well, exists. You can use this gadget anywhere, too. Once you attach the hammock to a secured doorknob or railing, you can nestle your head into the sling of the hammock and relax.

Though it sounds uncomfortable, the hammock stretches your neck through cervical traction, which can help relieve pressure off of compressed nerves. Using the hammock can also better your posture and calm the occasional tension headache.

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Credit: Sharper Image

Sharper Image customers have given the neck hammock a 4.8-star rating, with only four- and five-star reviews. One customer noted that it alleviated years of discomfort, though they also warned that it could potentially be hard for some people to use on their own.

“I really like the neck hammock. I feel it has really done me good by relieving the stiff neck I have had for years. It would be hard for someone who can’t get down on the floor, however.”

Another customer who left a five-star review claimed that the neck hammock isn’t compatible with every doorknob in your house.

“I have only been able to use the hammock about six times but it immediately takes the weight of your head off your neck and the cramp or pain in your neck dissipates. I wasn’t able to use the doorknob to secure the hammock because your head is not off the floor,” they wrote.

However, they pointed out that there’s an easy fix: If you have low knobs in your home, you should be good to go. “They give you another option of closing the straps into the door jamb and then you can place the straps at whatever height you need,” they explained.

When you are ready to unwind with your hammock, you’ll be equipped with a “Do Not Open” sign for your doorknob, plus a sleep mask to fully unwind.

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