Couple makes 'teeny-tiny' museum for pets in quarantine: 'One of the most surreal experiences'


Things I have accomplished since quarantining: Adapting to instant coffee; forgetting what a breeze feels like; watching four seasons of “Ink Master.”

Things an Italian couple quarantining in London have accomplished: Building a realistic art gallery for their pet gerbils.

30-year-old Filippo Lorenzin and his girlfriend, Marianna Benetti, have been stuck at home, much like the majority of the world. Lorenzin works for the Victoria and Albert Museum, but because of the pandemic, his job is on hold since the museum is closed.

The couple shares two 9-month-old gerbil brothers, Pandoro and Tiramisù, who (like most, if not all, gerbils) have never experienced the world beyond their newspaper-lined cage.

Pandoro and Tiramisù’s limited life experiences, along with the Victoria and Albert Museum being closed, inspired Lorenzin to build them a miniature art gallery.

“We tend to spend a lot of time enjoying not just the works but also the quality of the display props — gallery assistants’ stools, wall labels, QR codes to engage with the visitors, etc.,” Lorenzin told BuzzFeed News. “When we planned this small gallery, we enjoyed very much to make teeny-tiny versions of these.”

It took the couple four hours to put it all together.

“What started as a pastime for a lazy Sunday spent locked in our flat became one of the most surreal experiences we ever had,” said Lorenzin.

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