Ceramist uses hand soap to glaze pottery

A 17-year-old Dutch ceramist by the name of Calder has been gaining popularity on social media. In March, he took to Instagram to share a video in which he uses a bubble-glazing technique to decorate a bowl, and it has since received over 100,000 views.

Bubble glazing is a fairly common pottery method. In the clip, Calder pours a mixture of blue underglaze coloring, water and hand soap into a ceramic bowl. While he pours, he blows the mixture with a straw to create bubbles. He then turns the bowl upside down and pours the rest of the mixture on the bowl’s exterior.

When Calder lifts the bowl, he reveals a mosaic-like pattern imprinted onto the bowl’s interior and exterior. Instagram users were impressed with the result, with some mentioning they wanted to try the technique themselves.

“Great job this is beautiful,” one user asked. “Might try it out tonight on one of my bowls. I’ve already got a layer of glaze on there not sure if two will be too much… Ideas?”

(Calder responded that the technique wouldn’t work on a bowl that’s already glazed.)

“You’re sooo talented!” another wrote. “I love all the stuff I bought from you and I use it often!! Thanks again.”

“Your bubble glazes turn out better than any others I’ve seen,” a third commented. “Well done.”

Calder sells his ceramic creations on Etsy and gives insight into his techniques on his YouTube channel.

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