Quarantined teacher gets creative helping students 'stay positive': 'It's something to look forward to'

Teachers are facing tons of new issues now that they have to teach virtually, one of the main ones being trying to get kids to focus when their TVs, gaming consoles and phones are just a stone’s throw away.

However, fourth grade teacherAlexandra Melendez has come up with a creative way to keep her students focused and entertained: by wearing crazy costumes.

On any given day, Melendez — who works at Echo Horizon Elementary in Culver City, California — will “show up” to class wearing a unicorn hat, a sombrero or even a Hawaiian hula costume. She has full access to the school theater’s costume closet, so she doesn’t have to worry about running out of outfit options any time soon.

According to the teacher, the costumes have not only helped students stay focused, but have also served as a welcome distraction from everything going on in the world.

“A lot of my students actually suffer from clinical anxiety so they are really not thriving in this pandemic. The least I can do is put on something fun to make them smile for a few hours every day!” she told In The Know.

What’s more, according to the school’s website, approximately 15 percent of the student body is either deaf or hard of hearing. Wearing costumes, Melendez said, helps them “stay positive” and gives them “something to look forward to.”

In an effort to continue putting smiles on her kids’ faces, Melendez even plans on making TikToks in the near future.

“I am in the process of making a TikTok since one of my students challenged me to one this weekend,” she said. Now that is what we call being devoted to your craft!

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