Creative mom dresses daughter up in elaborate costumes during quarantine

Now that trips outside the house are few and far between, most people prefer to wear their pajamas all day every day. Not Sarah Perry, though. Using her daughter as both a muse and a model, the Rhode Island-based mom has used quarantine as an excuse to go crazy with everyday looks.

The idea to experiment with elaborate costumes came to Perry when her daughter Sydney asked if she could dress up like the Genie from “Aladdin.”

“When Syd woke up and asked me to paint her blue and give her a beard so she could be a genie for the day, I think is when that journey started,” Perry told In The Know. “From then on, she started asking for some very specific looks that I had to come up with using things I had around the house.”

<p>Courtesy of Sarah Perry</p>

Courtesy of Sarah Perry

Luckily for Sydney, Sarah majored in art in college and has a degree in fashion design. “The passion I have for costume-making is something I have always found therapeutic and has always come very easy to me,” she said.

Though quarantine has naturally given both Sarah and Sydney more time to experiment with costumes, Perry says that she and her daughter have been playing around with crazy looks for a while.

<p>Courtesy of Sarah Perry</p>

Courtesy of Sarah Perry

“In this household the costumes really have always been a thing,” she said. “It wasn’t particularly just quarantine that brought them on. I am a huge costume fan and somehow Sydney took on the love at a very young age and hasn’t really ever strayed from it.”

<p>Courtesy of Sarah Perry</p>

Courtesy of Sarah Perry

So far, Sarah has dressed Sydney up as the Genie from “Aladdin,” Maleficent and the Statue of Liberty — just to name a few iconic looks. According to Perry, “When [Sydney] requests to be something or someone … my answer is always, ‘If I can make it happen, you got it kid!'”

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