Burger King puzzles customers with unexpected promotion: ‘Impress us’


Burger King’s latest giveaway has some customers scratching their heads.

The fast food chain announced a new promotion on April 13, which promises free Whoppers for students stuck at home amid the current global health crisis. But there’s a catch.

In order to get their free sandwich, students must pass a “test,” which Burger King plans to send out through its social media pages each day through April 20.

These tests come in the form of a question — ranging across a variety of topics from math to literature. The restaurant plans to share a new question each day, and according to USA Today, anyone over the age of 18 can enter.

“Intelligence is Fire. impress us by figuring these out,” the chain tweeted.

All it takes to enter is a free account on the BK app where Burger King customers input their answers to receive their Whopper. A few caveats: The sandwich is only “free’ with a purchase of another item, and the vouchers must be redeemed within 24 hours, according to MarketWatch.

One final hang-up? The questions might not be all that easy. Burger King’s first question, a math problem, seemed to cause some problems for some social media users.

“A Free Whopper sounds awesome, but I’ll never figure any of that stuff out. … I’m Dumb!” one Twitter user joked.

“Thanks. I haven’t even learned that in high school yet,” another added

Of course, some social media users chimed in to offer the answer, so there are ways to get a free Whopper without actually doing any math. If you’d rather not cheat on the test though, Burger King shared its second test, a chemistry question, on April 14.

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