Woman’s attempt to tan in quarantine goes horribly wrong


An English woman’s attempt to achieve a tan while social distancing didn’t go as planned when the logo on her leggings became “branded” onto her body.

Dani Heath shared her self-tanning mishap in multiple different Facebook groups, where it eventually went viral.

In her photo, the word “Adidas” is clearly visible on her calf.

Credit: Facebook/Dani Heath

“Don’t drink and tan,” she wrote in her caption.

It seems that putting leggings on so soon after applying a self-tanner left her faux glow intact for the most part — but the spots where the letters appeared had a different texture from the rest of the leggings that rubbed the tanning lotion right off.

Heath told Fox News she’s happy her mistake has made people laugh, “especially in these dark times.”

“Ironic that I put the leggings on so I could go and clap for the NHS and key workers,” she said. “I never fake tan which makes this whole situation even more laughable!”

Heath told Fox News the unusual tan was still visible days later.

She confirmed she had a glass of wine before the incident and added that she definitely “needed one after.”

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