Visual effects artist combines footage of highway and wakeboarding for cool effect

Kevin Lustgarten is a Venezuelan visual effects artist and iOS engineer who shares optical illusions on his Instagram page to his 239,000 followers.

Recently, one of Lustgarten’s clips, which mixes two different types of footage, garnered nearly a quarter of a million views.

“I tried to combine two videos that lined up pretty well. This is the result!” he captioned the post.

The Instagram video merges highway footage from Massachusetts with another of a man wakeboarding. The result is an optical illusion that makes the man seem as if he is participating in a watersport on an open road. As the man weaves on the highway, water splashes under his feet. At one point, the two different types of footage seem to sync perfectly — the wakeboarder looks as though he is right in front of an approaching car.

This video is no departure from Lustgarten’s other works. In another post, he places two wine glasses upside down. When he pours wine from a bottle, it looks as though the negative space between the two glasses catches the liquid.

In a different video, Lustgarten creates the illusion that he is ironing his pants as he wears them.

“It’s just a matter of observing and observing and observing,” he told Tufts Daily, his alma mater’s newspaper, when asked how he comes up with such creative ideas. “I feel like you have to look at things and find a way to make them unusual — find a way in which it would be great for the eye to see it.”

Lustgarten said he has been interested in video editing, magic and optical illusions since he was young. He saw an opportunity to combine these interests when he created an Instagram account. According to his portfolio, his videos have so far accumulated 300 million views across all digital platforms.

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