This $20 laptop stand can help alleviate 'neck and shoulder pain' while typing


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Sitting at a desk all day can take a toll on both your body and mind. While it’s recommended that you get up and move around sporadically to maintain a healthy balance throughout the workday, it can be disconcerting and reductive to return to the same position that was causing you physical pain.

To remedy this problem and offer a solution that makes a day of typing significantly more comfortable, the folks at MOFT created an adjustable laptop stand that allows you to use your laptop while sitting or standing, without taking up any extra space at your desk or workspace.

Shop: MOFT Adjustable Fold Flat Laptop Stand, $20

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The winner of the 2020 IF Design Award, a special honor for "well-designed industrial goods," the MOFT Laptop Stand comes in two configurations: the adhesive collapsible option and the universal collapsible option. This option from MOFT also features a much slimmer form factor when compared to other popular laptop stands and risers on the market.

With both retailing for $20, the only difference between the two exists in their weight-capacities. The former holds up to 18 pounds and fits up to 15.6-inch laptops while the latter holds up to 30 pounds and fits up to 17-inch laptops.

Credit: MOFT

Both models are made to elevate and adjust your work angle “for maximum comfort — preventing neck and shoulder pain.” The two included elevation options are also said to be specifically designed for both sitting and standing positions.

The minimally designed stand also easily attaches to devices without covering bottom vents or adding extra bulk. The product can also be easily attached to plastic cases or laptop shells.

After attaching it to the base of your machine via the strong adhesive system, simply unfold the stand for use, then flatten it again for easy carrying and storage.

Credit: MOFT

The Adhesive Collapsible Laptop stand is currently available in four color options (gold, pink, silver and space gray), with each made to complement the design and color of any laptop.

While many have resorted to more comfortable work from home setup practices, like these top-rated bed desks that shoppers love, those who choose to work at a separated, more designated space, have detailed the benefits of MOFT's laptop stand.

Shoppers across various retailers can’t stop singing the product’s praises, with one five-star reviewer on The Grommet stressing that its “simple, clever, perfect design” is completely “unobtrusive and highly functional with two heights.”

Another shopper who admitted to previously resorting to books as a temporary solution to elevating his laptop added that “this thin, light little device meets my needs.”

“I can either do a low slant or a much higher one,” he continued. “And I don’t have to dismantle my desk to find a book to make it easier to type.”

One reviewer on QVC, where the adjustable option is currently available for 30 percent off its original price, criticized, however, that the product had a “plastic smell” when initially removed from the package. The shopper did admit, however, that it did perform the intended task of propping up their laptop well.

Another shopper also admitted to encountering some difficulty while attempting to operate the tilt settings. However, this did not appear to be a sentiment shared by any other reviewers.

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