This dad turned his basement into an indoor camping adventure

A Canadian father decided to create a special indoor “camping” experience for his daughter. With the global health crisis forcing many people to stay home, schools can no longer hold in-person classes for the sake of public health.

Most children must now undergo schooling from the comfort of their homes. This has meant that both parent and child are regularly home all day together. For Brown specifically, it has been an opportunity to spend some quality time with his little one.

“After spending weeks in isolation during the pandemic, I decided to create positive memories with my daughter,” the father told NewsFlare. “I made a fake campfire in the basement with some red tissue paper and lights, and we had a daddy-daughter moment with our guitars playing our favorite songs.”

In a circulated video, Brown and his daughter sit side-by-side around the faux fire. Brown strums a few strings on his guitar, while his girl watches with her own mini guitar.

The daddy-daughter moment is a reminder of the importance fathers play in their girls’ future. According to research by the Institute of Family Studies, girls with fathers who are engaged throughout their childhood and support their daughters’ achievements are more likely to graduate from college and tend to have higher paying jobs traditionally held by men.

See how Brown turned a difficult situation into a touching memory with his daugher in the clip above.

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