The Balance lamp is designed to kick your smartphone addiction

The Balance lamp by Berlin-based design studio Yuue might help you get over that phone addiction — at least that’s what its creators hope. Designers Weng Xinyu, along with his partner Tao Haiyue, built the lamp like a weighted scale. On one end is the lamp; on the other is a compartment for a smartphone. Only when the phone is inserted does the lamp spring upright and turn on.

“Balance is designed for those who are addicted to smartphones, it advocates a balanced life between work and amusement,” according to the product’s description. “Balance is inspired by a balance scale … The user will be faced with the question: whether to keep working or give in to the temptation of using a phone and lose light.”

The lamp might prove particularly helpful for today’s generation. A 2019 report from King’s College London reviewed 41 studies that examined 42,000 young people’s relationships with their phone and found that 23 percent of participants had addiction-like behaviors.

The behaviors included anxiety when away from the phone, falling prey to constant distractions and an inability to moderate phone usage overall. The smartphone-related addictive behaviors were also linked to stress, depression, lack of sleep and poor performance at school, the study pointed out. It’s safe to say, then, that Weng’s intention behind the Balance lamp is fitting.

See how the Balance lamp works in the clip above.

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