Redesigned toothbrush can clean teeth in just 20 seconds

Talo is an innovative toothbrush that claims to clean every tooth in 20 seconds, compared to the two minutes or more that most toothbrushes take to get the job done.

While typical electric toothbrushes have a rectangular base with one brush head, the Talo’s uniquely curved design features two moving brushes.

With other toothbrushes, you would typically have to manually brush each section of your teeth. But the Talo is inserted into half the mouth, where it’s dual-sided brush heads automatically clean each tooth in a matter of 10 seconds. When the user is done with one side, they can just flip it and insert it into the second half of the mouth for another 10 seconds. While Talo may look unusual, it was developed with input from dentists, according to the Kickstarter campaign page.

With help from Jessica Hilburg of New York University’s College of Dentistry, the creators determined the new toothbrush would have to address three major issues: most people focus only on the front teeth and not enough on the gums, they don’t brush long enough and they don’t use the correct amount of pressure.

Thus, the company integrated the American Dental Association’s recommended brushing method into the design. This is called the Bass Technique, a process developed by dentists that cleans both the teeth and gums. Based on these findings, Talo claims to use the correct brushing angle, the ideal amount of pressure and the correct moving and timing to clean each tooth properly.

“Talo is the first product I’ve seen that has the potential to brush teeth effectively, every time, and make a significant difference in users’ oral health over the existing options on the market,” Walter Rosenkranz, DMD, said of the product.

The Talo is not on the market yet, but it is available for pre-order through its Kickstarter campaign, which has raised over $59,000. The toothbrush is expected to retail for around $195, but can be preordered with a Kickstarter pledge of just $119.

See how the Talo brushes differently than other toothbrushes in the clip above.

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