Man hides outlandish 'time capsule' in thrift store donation: 'In the depths of boredom'

One lucky person is about to get the surprise of a lifetime, all thanks to a Reddit user who got bored and decided to leave a message on the back of a puzzle.

On April 12, Reddit user charles_the_average uploaded a photo of the “time capsule” they “made” on the back of a puzzle.

The “time capsule” is a message that reads: “In the depths of boredom from social distancing due to COVID-19, I did a puzzle and then donated it. Now you too have done a puzzle. Hopefully by the time you read this it’ll be in better times, with new leadership, and Carole Baskin killed her husband. When you find this message, kindly email to say hi.”

Once the jigsaw genius finished penning their note, they donated the puzzle in the hopes that someone else would solve it and find the secret message.

One question that many Reddit users had was how charles_the_average was able to flip the puzzle over to write his message.

“Two big pieces of cardboard, then sort of sandwiched it between and flipped it. Worked well,” they revealed.

People love how much thought and creativity the original poster put into his hidden message.

“What a great idea!” one user wrote. “This should become a cultural sort of tradition…. put a puzzle together, add a secret message, and send it off to the next person.”

This is awesome!” another person said. “It’s totally going to be an awesome relic someday!”

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