Dad dresses up as Anna from ‘Frozen’ to play with his 3-year-old daughter


One doting dad is receiving glowing reviews for his role as Anna from Disney’s “Frozen.” Aaron Matthews and his 3-year-old daughter, Cana, donned black and green gowns as they watched the hit film together, dancing and singing the entire time.

Matthews and Cana acted out the musical number “For the First Time in Forever” — from the character Elsa’s coronation day — right from the comfort of their Texas home’s living room. The pair sings along and spins in their gowns to the music. Matthews even picks Cana up and twirls her in the air. The father and daughter appear to be taking full advantage of their time together during quarantine.

The video of Matthews and Cana has been circulating on social media, receiving 288,000 views from It’s Gone Viral’s Facebook page alone. The sweet clip has also racked up over a thousand comments — most of which heap praise on the father for his efforts.

“This is so sweet and funny,” one user wrote. “Imagine when she’s older and she’s telling her grandchildren about her fond memories of the days when she and great grandfather used to put on their favorite dresses and dance.”

“He don’t look too bad in a green dress,” another said.

“Absolutely love it,” commented a third. “You will never ever get time like this again, with kids that don’t understand what’s going on. All they know is they’re having a fab time with mum and dad, memories which will hopefully last a lifetime.”

While Matthews might be on the receiving end of much of the adulation, he told Newsflare that Cana was the real star of the show.

“It’s just a silly dancing video that also shows our mad singing skills, although my daughter stole the show with her gorgeous curls and radiant smile,” he said.

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