Woman pens thought-provoking letter 'to the girl who told that then-boyfriend was cheating'


What would you do if someone messaged you and told you that your partner was cheating on you?

That’s exactly what happened to one Reddit user — but instead of getting mad at the girl who tattled on her boyfriend, she was grateful.

On April 5, Reddit user koala-balla shared her story to the TwoXChromosomes subreddit, thanking the girl who reached out to her “for having a stranger’s back.”

According to the post, the stranger found koala-balla on Instagram and explained that her then-boyfriend “had followed [her], started chatting [her] up, and then added [her] on Snapchat.”

When the cheating boyfriend decided to send this other woman a photo in his boxers, the woman decided to “pump the brakes” and find his girlfriend.

Once the two women came into contact with each other, they quickly bonded and became each other’s support systems.

“Thank you for listening as I ranted to you about how completely done with him I was and for supporting me when I said I was going to break up with him that night. Thank you for listening to my update the next day after I did the deed and was free. Thank you for your long, thoughtful, kind responses,” koala-balla said.

To date, koala-balla still credits the girl who tattled on her ex for helping her find true happiness.

“Because of you, I was able to finally take steps towards my own happiness. Once you told me what was going on, I literally felt like the universe was giving me the loudest and clearest sign,” she said.

“I hope you remember that I messaged you after that whole thing went down and was settled and told you that I had met someone new, who is the undisputed man of my dreams. I believe you helped guide me to him. I believe the timing was absolutely perfect.”

Evidently, koala-balla still keeps tabs on her guardian angel.

“I LOVE your vegan food blog. I just saw a post twenty minutes ago that I’m going to make tomorrow,” she noted. “Thanks for having a stranger’s back and for changing my life.”

In the comments, Reddit users shared their similar stories both as “the other woman” and as the one being cheated on.

“I found out my (now ex) fiance was cheating on me while I was planning our wedding because his sister, my friend, told me. I remember being so grateful. Being mad at her never crossed my mind,” one user said.

“I was once the other woman, unknowingly. He had been lying to the two of us for months. For about a month after I found out I wondered if I should say anything, fearing that she would accuse me of getting between them, or not believe me. It was also 4 months before their wedding. When we spoke on the phone, she was gentle, kind, and assured me I did the right thing in contacting her,” another person commented. “I think about her from time to time, and I hope she is doing well and that she meets someone who will cherish her the way she deserves.”

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