Twitter forms 'scoldy' take on new quarantine trend: 'Wasteful and difficult'


Baking sourdough bread is the new quarantine social media trend, and naturally, people on Twitter hate it.

Sales of yeast and flour have surged in the U.S. by 647 percent, according to Nielsen data — and presumably, Instagram photos of bread are increasing too. Much like toilet paper and hand sanitizer, these bread-baking ingredients are now sold out in grocery stores around the country.

The bread war was seemingly kicked off by a single tweet, by a user named @HelloCVH.

"Sourdough is wasteful and difficult and it's very silly to try your hand at it for the first time in a pandemic when there's barely any flour on the shelves," they wrote. "This is my lukewarm and scoldy take."

The responses were split between people agreeing and amateur bakers being outraged that their newfound quarantine passion was being challenged.

Meanwhile, other "bread heads" came out to fight for their breads.

[Editor's Note:] The writer of this story did recently bake a loaf of banana bread.

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