Tips for staying sober during quarantine, according to a 26-year-old CEO

It's no secret that being under quarantine for an unwarranted amount of time is hindering. Bounded by the current global crisis, we are forced to hit the reset button and spend an unusual amount of time alone with our thoughts. Taking time for yourself is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can be especially challenging for someone in the midst of the recovery process.

Just because your daily routine has been skewed, doesn't mean your goals have to veer off course. Zach Gross, a 26-year-old CEO, who's been sober for four years (read his full story here), founded MGMT Digital in 2017. The hopeful outcome resulted in Gross merging his knowledge of recovery with the digital age to create a marketing agency that specializes in the behavioral healthcare industry.

In efforts to make sure millennials and Gen-Zer’s have the necessary tools to triumph this trying time, the LA-based entrepreneur is sharing his best tips and advice for staying sober during the pandemic with In The Know.

Staying connected

"Stay connected with loved ones, friends, therapist, sponsor via phone and video chats. I've been talking to my mom on the phone every morning. "

Stick to a routine

"Create a daily schedule and try to stick with it. Before the Covid-19 outbreak, I would take my two dogs to the dog park every morning," Gross explained. "Since we can't do that anymore, I take them on a morning walk in our neighborhood, instead. The routine helps me and them stay sane."

Reduce screen time

"Reduce your time on social media. I'm guilty of spending more time than necessary on instagram like everyone else," he admitted.

Physical activity

"Exercise your body and mind. For me, there's a direct correlation between being happy and maintaining sobriety. One of the ways I stay happy is by working out. I've been watching workout videos on YouTube and exercising in my room."

Be of service

"Be of service and think of ways to help others in need. Our MGMT team is donating masks to all of our clients to help keep them safe. An act of service can be as simple as calling that friend you haven’t spoken to in a while and checking up on them."

Exploring hobbies is another major element in staying busy and distracted. Gross opened up about his go-to sober activities that occupy his time, as we all take the pledge to #stayhome. "Attend virtual meetings. Most regular 12-step meetings are being hosted via Zoom," the MGMT Digital founder says. He also suggests "practicing meditation, even if it’s for only a few minutes at a time." He uses the app Headspace.

And you can't go wrong with a little Netflix and chill: "Binge watch a new show. I'm currently loving "Hunters" on Amazon and "Black Monday" on Showtime," he added.

As for a final piece of advice to millennials seeking help, Gross encourages people to understand that "you are not your thoughts. You’re also not alone. While change is uncertain and uncomfortable, it’s also necessary and inevitable," he affirmed. "Although it's undetermined when this is going to pass, it will eventually and everything will be ok. If you have relapsed during this time and are struggling, that’s ok too, just reach out for help. Treatment centers are still fully-operational, taking the necessary precautions and ready to help you get back on track. "

Looking for a reliable recovery resource? Learn more about MGMT Digital here.

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