This Twitter game will keep you entertained during quarantine

Staying in quarantine for a long period of time will inevitably lead to boredom, but, fortunately, social media has a way of entertaining us, even when there’s literally nothing to do.

On April 5, for example, a Twitter user by the handle @flotisserie shared a game called “Quarantine House.” The rules are simple: You’re given a list of six houses, each house has a select group of fictional, or real, characters, and you must choose which house you want to spend your quarantine in.

In the above post, Twitter users are asked to select a group of celebrities they want to stay with. Though House No. 5 seems incredibly appealing (who wouldn’t to hang with LeBron James and J-Lo?), House No. 6 seems too good to pass up on (Beyoncé AND Ellen DeGeneres? Sign us up).

The game, which was retweeted nearly 1,000 times, sparked a flood of responses. It also sparked other variations. See some of our favorites below.

1. The OZY Fest Edition

2. The Dog Lover Edition

3. The “Simpsons” Edition

4. The Dead Author Edition

5. The Sports Media Personality Edition

6. The Democratic Presidential Candidate Edition

7. The “British Vogue” Edition

8. The Shakespeare Edition

9. The “Auntie” Edition

10. The Nicki Minaj Edition

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