This optical illusion of a trash can is driving people insane

A picture of a seemingly levitating trash bin has Reddit users demanding answers.

On March 21, Reddit user seyfaro shared a photo of the “floating bin” to the confusing_perspective page. To date, the confusing photo has received more than 37,000 upvotes and prompted hundreds of comments from people demanding answers.

“Holy f*** that took way longer than it should have,” one person remarked. “Man I had to read the comment[s]… my brain couldn’t make sense,” a second similarly said. “Fooled me for longer than I’d care to admit,” a third confessed.

As some eagle-eyed Reddit users have pointed out, the optical illusion in the photo is all thanks to a perfectly placed puddle.

“The bin is placed on the ground. And a little closer to the cameraman there’s a puddle. So it looks like the bin’s shadow,” Reddit user Ntetris explained. “It’s just a little bit of water placed just right to make it look the the bin is floating.”

Translation: What looks like the bin’s shadow is actually just a puddle.

Don’t beat yourself up if you still see a floating bin after reading the explanation of what’s going on in this photo. Like one Reddit user noted, “I know what’s happening, but I can’t fix my brain.”

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