Shoppers can’t stop gushing over this award-winning dry shampoo


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Since it’s the season of staying indoors, you might be washing your hair less than normal. But quarantine or not, many us can’t be bothered to wash our hair every day anyway.

And so we thank the powers at be for dry shampoo.

Having an oily scalp can be incredibly distracting, and it only gets worse if you keep putting off wash day. Without a thorough wash, sweat and sebum from your hair follicles can build up and leave you with a greasy head. However, dry shampoos can buy you some time by absorbing oil and sweat from your hair.

Although there are countless of dry shampoos, many shoppers love the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo. It has more than 2,000 reviews and close to 85,000 Loves at Sephora.

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While the Living Proof dry shampoo can absorb sweat and oil, it also claims to “actually clean” your hair. But let’s break that down. According to the product description, the shampoo uses powders to soak up oil and sweat. It then uses its “patented Healthy Hair Molecule” to help remove those powders from your hair, thus leaving your hair “clean.”

Adding to the brand’s claim that it keeps hair “clean”, a clinical test of 200 people found that “nine in 10 users of dry shampoo agree that it keeps hair clean between shampoos.” Not to mention, it’s an Allure Best of Beauty award winner.

The brand itself is also pretty unique. Developed by biotech scientists and hairstylists, Living Proof has created a line of silicone-free products that have won more than 150 awards.

And Sephora shoppers have taken to the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo.

“I recently bleached my hair and I’ve been trying to skip more days between washes, with other dry shampoos I’ve tried I’ve only been able to skip one day in between because my hair gets pretty oily, and I felt like my hair didn’t look look clean on those days,” one reviewer wrote. “With this one I can skip two and that’s a big deal for me, when I use it my hair looks like it has just been washed and it absorbs all of the oil.”

However, no dry shampoo is perfect. One common complaint was that it leaves behind a white residue.

“I’m sure it’s a great product for some people,” one wrote. “I wanted to love it but didn’t. Leaves white residue if not rubbed it well. Made my head itchy, my hair was like straw. Loved the smell! Just didn’t work for me.”

Recognizing this issue, the brand suggests that you use a boar’s brush to remove the leftover powders.

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