Man shares strange saga after stumbling upon CGI dog: 'What is this thing?!'


While exploring one of the many trails that his city has to offer, a Los Angeles man stumbled upon something unusual: a lost dog.

This wasn’t any old dog, however. As seen in a video the hiker posted on March 30, the “animal” was actually, well, a robot.

“What is this thing?” the man asks when he comes across the dog/robot laying on the ground. Naturally, he decided to take it home — and since then, he’s been sharing his adventures with the “robot dog” to the Instagram account lostdog.

After taking the dog home and giving it some juice, the hiker was able to get it to talk and move around.

When the dog hears its rescuer’s voice, it asks if he is his “new owner.” The dog’s new owner is initially freaked out upon hearing it speak, but eventually he gets used to his new normal.

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26 hours later....ITS ALIVE!!!!

A post shared by @ lostdog on Apr 1, 2020 at 2:30pm PDT

Given how crazy this story is, some people are skeptical about whether it’s even real.

On one video, someone commented that the supposed rescuer was “a horrible actor.” On another video, another person wrote, “Did you actually find it though? Obviously not.”

However, most people don’t seem to care whether or not it’s staged.

“OK best Instagram page ever because this reminds me of the small robot dog toy I used to have,” one person said. “I am totally into this story,” another added.

If you’re not an Instagram person, you can also follow Lost Dog’s adventures on YouTube.

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