'Classy move': CVS is surprising customers with a simple, unexpected gift


CVS is adding a dose of joy to each of its prescriptions.

While the latest headlines aren’t much to smile about, many people receiving medications through CVS are getting a simple, sweet surprise to brighten their days: The pharmacy is including free Easter-themed greeting cards in many of its deliveries.

“We can stay together while we stay apart,” reads a printed insert accompanying each card. Customers are encouraged to handwrite a note on their card and mail it (or drop it off) to a healthcare worker, a relative, a neighbor, or just a friend.

“Let your kids doodle and sign their name to add a caring touch,” it adds.

The gesture has already proven quite popular with unwitting recipients: “Classy move CVS,” one customer tweeted. “Thank you for this idea.”

Added another, “Had to share this! CVS Pharmacy is doing it right. Picked up my prescription and they gave me this free card along with a little note to show some love to someone on the front lines of the coronavirus.”

The greeting card initiative preceded CVS Pharmacy’s Wednesday announcement that it will donate $5 million worth of chocolates and candies to local community organizations across the country, including food banks, hospitals, senior centers and youth groups.

“Many won’t be partaking in their usual holiday celebrations with family and friends,” George Coleman, Senior Vice President of Merchandising, said in a statement. “We hope this small gesture will help put a smile on people’s faces.”

Think about it: With Zoom calls, emails and texts coming in left and right, who wouldn’t want to receive a handwritten note from someone who cares?

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