This roller makes boring concrete look like decorative paving


While paving can be more expensive and difficult to install than concrete, Marshalltown’s Rock ‘N’ Roller offers a solution that is both cost-efficient and effective. The roller creates the visual effect of pavement by stamping concrete.

Stamped concrete is somewhat of a marriage between paving and concrete. Normally, when a concrete slab is poured onto the ground, concrete mats are used to stamp a decorative pattern onto the surface. The process, however, can be time-consuming — it requires maneuvering the heavy mats into place and stamping out each section of the pattern. The mats also need extra drying time.

The roller, on the other hand, eliminates the need for mats. It can be fitted with one of 11 pattern imprints, including pathway slate, running bond brick and cobblestone.

After a slab of concrete has been flattened and wetted, the user can simply imprint it by rolling the Rock ‘N’ Roller across the surface. According to Marshalltown, the roller stamps concrete five times faster than concrete mats.

“This roller has a unique leverage weight system adaptable to different concrete sets and easily creates a push and pull pattern imprint,” the equipment manufacturer notes on its website. “There is no need for any kind of special setup for your borders, just choose the pattern style and size you want and have convenience for your concrete projects.”

See the Rock ‘N’ Roller in action in the video above.

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