Man runs through park in elaborate ‘social distancing’ device: ‘Do whatever you can’


A dad in Michigan is going viral after sharing his “DIY” method of staying fit during social distancing.

Dan Kuhnle shared a video of his elaborate workout device to YouTube on April 5, where it’s since been covered by media outlets everywhere from his hometown of Rockford, Mich., to a news site in Finland.

The clip, titled, “DIY Social Distancing Device for all you runners, cyclist and outdoorsy people,” begins with Kuhnle introducing his contraption. The dad told Insider that the device, which is essentially a giant ring surrounding his body, extends roughly six feet in each direction.

“It’s a simple project,” Kuhnle says in the video, which features him running around his town’s parks, streets and parking lots, all while wearing the device.

Kuhnle, who remains extremely tongue-in-cheek throughout his video, even gives instructions for how viewers can recreate his DIY hack. According to the chip, all it takes is 40 feet of tent poles, two feet of duct tape, several soda cans, some string and, inexplicably, one pound of beef jerky.

The video plays as comedy, but Kuhnle told Insider he also wanted to use the ridiculous device to teach a real lesson.

“I thought, ‘Well, maybe people just don’t realize how far apart six feet actually is,’ he said.

Ultimately though, the dad said his biggest hope was that he could make others laugh during a tough time.

“Since we’ve all been socially distancing, it’s been a really strange time. To bring joy to people has been really difficult,” Kuhnle said. “Bring the joy, share the joy, do whatever you can to do that right now.”

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