Indian children dance with each other while socially distancing


Sometimes, you’ve just got to get up and dance.

With the global health crisis bringing about lockdowns around the world, including school closures — it’s only natural that some kids are restless. Four kids from Punjab, India, recently decided to have a dance party while socially distancing from each other.

The children decided to pass the time on their balconies and do synchronized dances with one another. A video shared by Facebook page 1000 things in Ludhiana shows a pair of kids happily busting moves while two others across the street mirror their movements.

One viewer noted that the children appear to be performing Bhangra, a traditional folk dance and music form from Punjab known for its energetic style and synchronized movements.

In fact, Bhangra is a combination of many folk dances, “many of which can trace their roots far back before the existence of the term Bhangra in the late 1800s,” dance and fitness company Learn Bhangra notes.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, dances like Bhangra are not just great for your body, they do wonders for the mind. Findings show that freestyle dancing, for instance, can reduce the risk of dementia by 76 percent. It’s also a fun form of exercise.

“If exercise is not an enjoyable experience, we’re not going to do it,” Fabio Comana, an exercise physiologist and education team member at the National Academy of Sports Medicine, told HuffPost. “People think, ‘I’m not exercising, I’m dancing.' But at the end of the day, you’re moving and you’re burning calories. It’s just as good as a cardio class.”

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