Housemates go to extremes to normalize working from home: 'We've got nothing else to do'


A problem with quarantining for a long period of time is figuring out ways to distinguish the days and get into some sort of routine that makes the experience more bearable.

A group of housemates in South London faced that exact dilemma. To break up the monotony of their days, Rowan Akin-Smith, Felix McKechnie and Pablo Hutchinson wanted to create one of the most familiar pastimes that no longer exists: Commuting on the London Underground.

The boys set up shop in their bathroom — complete with flickering lights — as one of them sat against the shower wall wearing sunglasses and headphones while looking down at his phone.

The "tube" comes to a stop and the commuter in the shower stands up to exit, staring awkwardly at his fellow roommate through the glass shower door who is waiting to board.

They squeeze past each other and the new passenger settles in, standing with his backpack on, as the third roommate rushes to get on before the doors close with a suitcase. The first roommate comes back, dressed as a new passenger, and crowds the shower as the door closes — packing them into the small space and giving them the authentic commuting experience.

"People keep saying it's important to keep a routine now we're stuck working from home," Akin-Smith told DailyMail. "So we thought, why not re-create our old routine? We've got nothing else to do in the evenings."

The group also told the DailyMail they plan on making other funny videos highlighting the mundane activities they miss from before quarantine.

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