Get waste-less with this biodegradable bamboo compost bin

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Home chefs (or elsewhere) are more careful about cleanup. But in this day and age those who cook at home are more mindful of food waste. If you're not sure about whether or not you should be too, you might want to get up-to-date on food composting.

If you've never tried a compost bin, then you'll be happy to know it's a more eco-friendly tactic to limit food waste. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, a third of the world's food is lost or wasted every year. One way to reduce that number is to turn your food waste into riches for the earth.

The Bamboozle Compost Bin from Anthropologie is a fan favorite as its a step-up from traditional compost bins. Made of biodegradable bamboo fibers, this bin ensures you make your trash look pretty. The chic look of it makes it an accent rather than an eyesore to your kitchen. Plus, you can revel at the fact that its carbon filter blocks out odors. The bin also comes with a porous lid to cover your leftover food waste.

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Food52, who also sells the compost bin, spoke to eco-lifestyle blogger Erin Rhoads about what makes composting different from simply throwing away eggshells.

"When we compost organics like food, they’re no longer waste," Rhoads said. "Instead, they become food for soil. Our food, the unprocessed stuff, is designed to break down in soil where all types of insects, bugs, and worms will eat it up, helping return nutrients to the soil while improving its quality."

There is more work involved in composting, especially since it comes with learning how to garden if you haven't before. According to Green Coast, though composting can be beneficial to the environment, it can be time-consuming. If you're not composting properly, the waste can be harmful to the environment. It's suggested to participate in aerobic composting, which does little to no harm to the environment. However, anaerobic composting brings food waste to landfills, making it take longer to break down and also releasing greenhouse gases like methane.

However, for those who seriously want to reduce their food waste production, this is a good start.

One shopper who bought this one from Anthropologie liked that it comes with an extra filter to keep stenches out of the kitchen. Another customer who bought the compost bin at Food52 said "This bin is exactly what I needed to begin composting at home. It is perfectly sized and, therefore, unobtrusive on my countertop and the charcoal filters work great to keep the stink away. No more food waste guilt for me!"

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