Candy company's controversial new product has people mad: 'It makes no sense'


Recently, several companies have started manufacturing hand sanitizer to help with the global shortage. However, while these efforts for the most part have been received with praise and gratitude, one candy company is under fire for creating a hand sanitizer that looks way too much like candy.

On April 8, Reddit user Zlester5172 shared a photo of the hand sanitizer to the WTF page.

“How many people did this go through and not one said, ‘Hey you know a kid might think this is candy, right?'” they wrote.

What Zlester5172 captured in their photo is candy company Warheads’ latest product: hand sanitizer. The packaging looks eerily similar to the company’s sour spray — though, in small print, they do warn on this one that it’s “not a food item.”

This warning was hardly enough to satisfy Reddit users. In the comments, people expressed rage, confusion and disbelief.

“Im 29 and I thought that was candy at first glance,” one person commented.

“Why? Why would you make this? It makes no sense,” another user added.

The strangest part about all of this is that Warheads isn’t the only candy company making hand sanitizer that looks edible. Both Mike and Ike and Icee are making similar products, which users say can be found at most dollar stores.

Though some Reddit users have pointed out that Warheads’ hand sanitizer is alcohol-free and therefore not as dangerous to kids, this also makes it less effective. According to the CDC, hand sanitizers should be comprised of at least 60 percent alcohol.

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