This portable vacuum can jumpstart your car in a jam

Jumpi combines three functions that most would probably deem an odd combination. It’s a vacuum, power back and jump starter — a strange trio of utilities that is seemingly perfect for any car. Complete with jumper cables, the small, portable vacuum cleaner will keep your car tidy, your phone charged and out of a sticky situation.

With a low-voltage jumper that generates 10 jumps per charge, the tiny machine — which was created by a group of ergonomic engineers — is easy to use. According to the product’s Kickstarter campaign, the user simply needs to attach Jumpi’s clamps to the car battery and start their car.

Made to fit in a glove compartment or under a seat, Jumpi weighs less than 2 pounds, making it one of the lightest jump starters on the market. It was also created with safety in mind.

“It was built with advanced safety features like insulated wires and spark-proof clamps to make jumping a battery safe and easy,” the product’s description notes. “Even drivers who lack jump-starting experience will be able to get back on the road in seconds thanks to Jumpi’s simple design and secure fail-safes.”

Jumpi’s vacuum cleaner is also particularly efficient, its creators point out. The vacuum can supposedly pick up 99.99 percent of unseen particles and allergens. It’s also purportedly quieter than 30 percent of other vacuums, comes with precision attachments, and is covered with an antimicrobial coating to prevent allergens and bacteria from spreading from the dirt canister.

In addition, Jumpi’s powerbank can charge any USB connected device more than twice on reserve power, its description notes.

So far, the unique 3-in-1 item has raised more than $42,000 from backers — well over its goal of $12,400.

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