This dog can play volleyball better than most people

Kiara is a mix between a flat-coated retriever and black Labrador that lives in Norway. Unlike most dogs, she is quite the volleyball pro — and we mean pro. The pooch’s keeper, 24-year-old Mathias Berntsen, is, in fact, a competitor on the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour, and Kiara helps him train.

Recently, the canine showed off her skills on her Instagram account, which already has over 24,000 followers. In several clips, she can be seen serving and keeping the ball in the air.

For those interested in similarly teaching their dogs how to volley a ball, dog-walking service site Wag Walking suggests three methods.

The first is the volley method, which requires a slightly deflated volleyball. Ask your dog to sit while you volley the ball. Give it lots of praise whenever it taps the ball with its snout. When your dog realizes that the snout taps will earn it a treat, gradually be more selective with the reward by only giving the dog a treat for every volley it returns.

The second is the bump method, which is similar to the volley method but incorporates a slightly deflated beach ball. Place the ball on the ground and allow your dog to bump it on its own. Reward your dog for each bump, then slowly begin tossing the ball. For every volley your dog returns, give it a treat.

The last is the balloon method, which uses an inflated balloon. Let the balloon drift around the room, and give your dog a treat anytime it bumps the balloon. Slowly introduce bigger balloons and, eventually, a ball.

In a matter of time, your dog can be a pro just like Kiara!

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