Redditor sparks backlash over controversial tattoo idea


A Reddit user sparked intense backlash after sharing a tattoo idea his mom didn’t approve of.

The user, who writes under the name OKBoomerTattoo, shared his conflict to Reddit’s (Am I The A******) forum.

OKBoomerTattoo explained that his mom and dad gave him special permission to get a tattoo even though he is 17 years old — too young to get one without parental consent where he lives.

The image he had in mind when he asked for the tattoo was a dragon, “but not a gigantic one or anything,” he wrote.

‘My mom is mad that I took advantage of her’

OKBoomerTattoo said his mom came with him to the tattoo parlor, but didn’t follow him to the back.

He said he changed his mind, and the image he had permanently inked on his skin was very different from his original dragon idea.

As OKBoomerTattoo’s username may suggest, he emerged from the parlor with the words “OK boomer” tattooed across his chest with an image of a girl known for repeating the catchphrase beneath it.

“They did the tattoo and it looks good, but my mom is mad that I took advantage of her (her words, not mine) to get an ‘ageist’ tattoo,” he wrote. “The tattoo is across my chest, not on my face, so it will not impact my career.”

The phrase “OK boomer” originated from a meme that gained popularity in late 2019. Young people use it to refer to older or out-of-touch individuals.

The meme has drawn criticism for creating a generational divide — some critics say it is “ageist” and discriminatory against older people, but its defenders say it’s all in good fun.

‘The most 17-year-old thing I’ve ever read’

OKBoomerTattoo’s tale inspired some intense discussion, both in the forum and in a viral tweet containing a screenshot of the user’s Reddit post.

Many people defended his right to get a tattoo, no matter what it is.

“We’re already making decisions at 17 that permanently affect our life,” Twitter user hey_lizzie_ wrote. “Why not one that actually makes us happy?”

Others criticized his parents for giving him the option in the first place.

“This will probably get me lit up, but I really wish parents wouldn’t give consent for underage tattoos,” user MoreOrLessAMess said.

Most simply criticized his tattoo choice.

“This is the most 17-year-old thing I’ve ever read,” user TreClaire wrote. “Oof, boy got a meme across his chest … I’d love to hear back from him in a few years.”

“That tattoo is not going to age well … which is ironic,” user irg19 agreed.

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