KFC responds to customers’ ‘sad’ at-home creations: ‘An absolute monstrosity’


KFC is sparking an internet firestorm with its new way of responding to customers’ at-home cooking attempts.

The fast food chain, which was forced to temporarily close several of its U.K. locations last month, took to its Twitter account to interact with customers who were giving “home KFC” a shot. True to the brand’s secret recipe, it did not hold back on the spice.

“Reply below your best homemade KFC with #RateMyKFC and I’ll score it out of 10. Disclaimer: I’m more [Gordon] Ramsey than [Mary] Berry,” KFC U.K. and Ireland tweeted, referring to two of Britain’s most infamous cooking personalities.

KFC then proceeded to rate dozens of customer photos — holding to its promise of brutal honesty.

“This is the saddest thing I’ve seen and I’ve watched the Futurama episode were the dog waits outside for Fry. 3/10,” KFC wrote on one user’s chicken sandwich attempt.

“You might as well just put your middle finger up at us, Dan. 1/10,” the chain commented on a particularly low-effort photo of skinless chicken.

“It’s a fair first try, but it looks like instead of breading the chicken you’ve tried to color it in with a brown Sharpie that lost it’s lid in 1998,” the brand tweeted of another home-cooked KFC meal.

Not every review was negative though. KFC reserved a small bit of praise for a few items, including some creative takes on menu items.

One customer in particular seemed to draw the chain’s interest after sharing an unusual plate of Texas toast, baked beans and fried chicken.

“This is an absolute monstrosity. I feel ill looking at it, but by God I want it. 7.5/10,” KFC wrote.

The majority of KFC’s U.K. locations remain closed, following an announcement on March 23 that the restaurants would be shutting down temporarily amid the global health crisis.

In the U.S., KFC has moved all of its stores to drive-thru and to-go orders only.

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