Wife accidentally derails husband's prank attempt: 'It’s so much worse than I thought it’d be'

A husband uploaded a TikTok of him attempting to prank his wife — except it doesn’t go the way he planned at all.

In the first half of the video, there’s a clip of a successful execution of the prank. The prankster puts on a hoodie backwards and stands by an open fridge, pulling the hood over his face and stretching his arms backwards so it looks like he’s checking out the fridge.

Then, when someone walks by and assumes there’s nothing out of the ordinary, he waits until they’re looking at him to drop the hood and scare them.

Chase set up a camera in his kitchen, hoping to scare his wife, Jenn, with the same setup. He pulled the hoodie over his face and stood by the open fridge and freezer, as his wife enters and walks around the kitchen.

But things go awry when Jenn decides to give him a little love tap on what she thinks is her husband’s butt.

Chase’s knees immediately buckle, and Jenn — who must’ve initially been slightly terrified that the knees looked like they were bending backward — keels over laughing.

“My boyfriend would die if he tries this prank because I smack his butt with so much more vigor,” one person replied to a Reddit repost of the video.

“Oh it’s so much worse than I thought it’d be,” someone else wrote.

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