Watch this Coca-Cola machine turn soda into a perfect slushy


This machine can turn a bottle of soda into a perfectly frozen slushy in seconds — and the process is absolutely mesmerizing to watch.

To use Coca-Cola’s Arctic Coke device, a customer picks a 20-fl.oz. bottle of their favorite soft drink from the machine’s cooler, which keeps the air inside at a temperature just below freezing, and places it on the gadget’s platform.

With the “simple touch of a button,” the machine then sends an “invisible shiver” through the drink to make the ideal slushy consistency, using the content of the bottle to create ice instead of added water, ensuring the product is not diluted at all.

Plus, the machine’s backlight allows customers to see the action going on inside the bottle the whole time, leading to a rather delightful spectacle.

Coca-Cola began testing its Arctic Coke machines in select Speedway Convenience Stores in Indianapolis in June 2016.

According to Vending Times, the gadget was a hit, and, in 2018, the company expanded the test to 800 convenience stores across the U.S.

“Consumers find it both fun and innovative,” Kim Drucker, director of platform innovation for Coca-Cola North America, said of the Arctic Coke. “They’re drawn in by the fact that they can be part of the transformation process, and what brings them back is the fact that the drink they just helped make stays colder for longer. The promise of having an icy-cold Coke from the first sip to the last sip really resonates.”

For those looking to try the Arctic Coke machine, one of the devices is a resident fixture at the Coca-Cola Store located in Disney Springs, Fla.

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