This kinetic sculpture creates infinite art patterns in the sand

The Sandsara is a tabletop kinetic sculpture that creates infinite art patterns in the sand. To the naked eye, it’s simply a hypnotic, eye-catching piece — the sculpture’s tiny ball moves across the sand to create an assortment of mesmerizing 3D patterns.

According to its creator Ed Cano, the Sandsara comes in the shape of a circle or hexagram and has a Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm (SCARA) fixed within a wooden frame. That arm is programmed to guide the magnetic ball across the sand.

The Sandsara also comes with an iOS and Android app that allows users to choose from 100 available patterns or create their own unique designs.

As online publication Yanko Design notes, Sandsara is a portmanteau of the words “sand” and “Samara,” the Sanskrit term for the infinite cycle of life and death. The name seems particularly fitting — once the sculpture finishes a pattern, it immediately erases the composition and starts anew.

“I’ll admit us humans can surely learn a lesson from this persevering ball-bearing that creates something beautiful without attachment,” Yanko’s Sarang Sheth wrote, in describing the item. “It’s almost Buddhist in its own way, as it meditatively goes about its path, creating mandalas while never looking behind and only living in the moment! That spirituality sometimes unintentionally spills into the viewer.”

So far, the sculpture has been a massive hit on Kickstarter, raising $464,000 (well over Cano’s initial goal of $3,913). According to the campaign description, Cano expects to ship the product — which can run up to $600 depending on its material and shape — to customers by August 2020.

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