This is how thousands of cherries get pitted at once


Apricots, cherries and plums have pits that can get in the way of our personal enjoyment of them. For instance, if you’ve ever tried to sit down and snack on a pile of unpitted cherries, you’ll quickly notice how joyless the process of pitting each one is (not to mention, your fingers will probably become stained). The truth is that food is no fun when you have to work especially hard just to eat it.

Fortunately, technology has advanced to the point that we can buy cherries without pits. Industrial fruit processing machinery, like the one created by Tooltechnik in the clip above, can pit thousands of fruits at once. In the video, you can see workers guide cherries along a pitting production line. Thousands of cherries go in and come out pitted, leaving the exterior of the fruit almost intact.

“The universal fruit-pitting machine with interchangeable adapters and additional components is suitable for pitting of all kind of stone-core fruit undamaged: plum, greengage, apricot, cherry, sour cherry, small sour cherry, mirabolan,” the Hungarian company notes on its website. “With the optional built-in halving knife, the parting of the fruits can be done immediately.”

Tender, fleshy fruits with pits are often referred to as stone fruits or drupes. The pits are essentially the seeds of the fruit encased in a hard shell. Because pitting a stone fruit can be an extremely tedious process, Better Homes & Gardens recommends those who buy unpitted fruits (such as cherries) use a paper clip or drinking straw to push each pit out.

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