Skier films incredible stop-motion short in his house: 'I never expected this'

As the world enters another week of quarantine, it’s not surprising that people are starting to feel restless. Trips have been canceled, hobbies have been put on hold and maintaining friendships has turned virtual.

But some people who are staying safe are coming up with innovative ways to beat boredom.

Photographer and skier Philipp Klein is one of those people who’s using his extra free time to create something unique that spreads a little bit of positivity around.

Using a GoPro, some white bedsheets and his skiing equipment, Klein pieced together an incredible stop-motion short of him “freeriding.”

“HOW TO FREERIDE AT HOME,” Klein captions his video on Instagram. “This is what happens when you force a skibum to stay home when I should be skiing!”

The clip begins with Klein waking up in a sleeping bag, with a folded sheet at his feet signifying a mountain in the distance. Klein points to the top, indicating that today’s goal is to climb it.

The next shots have the sheet evolving into steeper inclines, as Klein — decked out in full gear with skis on — climbs the mountain. The sheet then changes to show a vertical part of the mountain, and Klein switches from wearing his skis to using an ice axe to get to the top.

Klein finally reaches the top and cheers and takes a selfie with his GoPro, before propelling back down.

Klein concludes the freeride with flips and tricks on his skis, eventually landing facedown in the “snow.” Klein writes over the final shot of him upside down: “Stay safe. Stay at home.”

“Gold. Incredible #HomePro creativity. Congratulations, let’s get you your award,” GoPro’s Instagram account commented in response.

“This is soooo rad,” another person replied.

“It was important for me that the spread out out a positive message, because I really wanted to make my family and friends forget the current health situation and cheer up a little. I was sick of sad news and wanted to change that by giving smiles,” Klein told In The Know.

Klein said that it took him six hours to film and four hours to edit.

“I never expected this kind of traffic. I knew I had done something good and that my result was pretty close to my idea, but never thought it would go this far, this fast,” he said. “Focus on the positive, it’s the only way to use this time to reconnect instead of longing for ‘normal’ routine to come back.”

Since posting, the video now has almost 300,000 views and 5,000 comments.

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