Roommates recreate classic paintings with household items


Who needs to leave the house when you can see priceless works of art inside your own living room?

Connecticut roommates Max Sutter, Jeannette Penniman, Cary White, and Sam Haller are spending their quarantine bringing classic paintings to life with only household items and sharing them to their joint Instagram account, covidclassics.

They told Insider the idea for the project came from a group video chat.

“Us four were in a video chat with several other friends. One of them proclaimed ‘hat filter!’ We all had hats to put on, except Max, who wrapped his head in a towel,” the roommates explained.

“When the chat ended, Sam noticed that Max looked a lot like the dead Marat in David’s famous painting. Sam said we could recreate this painting, right then, in our bathtub.”

They sent this photo and later recreations to friends, but ultimately decided to make their own account to show off their work.

And thus, an artistic revolution was born. So far, the gang has recreated 17 works of art, including “The Death of Marat” by Jacques-Louis David, “Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer and “Arnolfini Wedding Portrait” by Jan van Eyck.

The account went viral and has more than 70,000 followers at the time of writing — and thousands of enthusiastic comments.

“How do you have all this stuff in your house??” user wrote.

“These are getting scarily good. Honestly thought the photo was the painting,” artbyevanna commented.

The longtime friends told In The Know the best thing about doing these reenactments is watching people respond to them, especially those who say it “buoys their spirits.”

“We hope this will inspire people to make their own art at home, to be creative in whatever way they choose,” they told In The Know. “If we can help people stay healthy and stay sane, then we’ve managed to do some good for the world in a time of crisis.”

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