Restaurant's 'popular dish' has social media users angry: 'U can't eat that'

An Australian restaurant’s unique take on fish and chips has left the internet divided — and for the most part, disgusted.

On April 6, Twitter user jil_slander posted a photo of the dish, the brainchild of the now-closed Long Story Short Café.

“Absolutely losing my s*** over this ‘activated charcoal fish and chips,'” she wrote. “I’m sorry… that’s a poo babe. Or a stick. U can’t eat that.”

The overwhelming majority of Twitter users agreed with the scathing sentiments.

“Where’s the chips? What’s the pink stuff?” one person asked. “The only thing this has activated for me is no,” another user joked.

After doing some sleuthing, Twitter user Emily Coyle came across another photo of the activated charcoal fish and chips — and in that photo, she wrote, it looks “even worse.”

Back in 2017 when the café was open, owner Ly Nguyen told Mashable that the unusual fish and chips dish was a bestseller.

“At first [the criticism] was hurtful. However, it has become one of our most popular dishes and we have people lining up at the door for it so we cannot complain,” she said at the time.

Even if this dish is more than meets the eye, one question remains: WHERE ARE THE CHIPS?

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