This mind-blowing video shows how wine glasses are made in a factory

Kicking back with a glass of wine is certainly one way to relax, but how about watching how your glass got made in the first place?

The mind-blowing process is a lot more complicated — and oddly satisfying — than even the most refined winos might think. It’s also something you can now watch infinitely on a loop, thanks to this video from Krosno Glassware.

Krosno, founded in Poland, has been making wine glasses for nearly 100 years, but today, its process looks incredibly high tech.

In a factory, the glass is heated to a red-hot temperature, then molded in a giant, revolving machine. From there, it’s stretched, pulled and reheated — turning the glass into a seemingly stretchy, malleable putty-like substance before it’s ultimately formed into its final form.

This fascinating process allows the glasses to take on a number of different shapes, which can change a lot about how your wine tastes.

According to Winc, the flavor of wine varies widely based on how you drink it. In fact, different glasses are even considered “better” for different varieties.

Having a big, bold red? Try a larger glass to emphasize the flavor. Sipping on a light, sweet, white? Use a smaller glass to preserve the temperature.

Winc recommends that even casual wine drinkers keep two sets of glasses — one for whites and one for reds — but, if you’re really serious, there are far more options you can try. Check out this wine glass chart by On Wine Time for more info.

Credit: On Wine Time
Credit: On Wine Time

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